Sudan Diving

Your liveaboard in Sudan, M/Y ANDROMEDA

Sudan’s unique atmosphere is a ground for dreams and underwater adventures, a real diving rarity where ancient legends come to life. This is the home of Cousteau’s underwater empire, of Umbria resting in her watery grave, and of Shaab Rumi teeming with hammerhead sharks.

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Sudan Underwater

marsa shagra clown fish
marsa shagra coral
marsa shagra turtle
red sea fish
marsa shagra turtle2
marsa shagra shark
marsa shagra reef
marsa shagra dolphins
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Your Liveaboard in Sudan

Marsa shagra bejárat

What we offer is the best boat, M/Y Andromeda. We are the fastest boat in the region, enabling us to reach even the most remote dive sites. M/Y Andromeda, the 5-star diving safari liveaboard, was built based on a unique design, meeting divers’ and guests’ every need. Spacious, tastefully decorated cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a roomy diningroom, salon, and sun deck make the diving safaris comfortable for everyone. The heart of the boat is the shisha room, reminiscent of the East where stories can be told every night in the shadow of the lingering delicious waterpipe smoke. A well-travelled, cohesive crew, speaking various languages, awaits all the guests who wish to dive and relax. See you onboard!

M/Y Andromeda's main characteristics

Capacity: Max. 26 guests in double cabins
Length: 40m
Hull: Steel
Cabins: With private bathrooms and air-conditioning
Living space: 4 levels, 100m2 sun deck
Zodiacs: 2
Nitrox: Membrane

Twin-bed cabin

Double-bed cabin on Andromeda in Sudan A perfect choice if you come alone or with your friend, to share a cabin (but not a bed). All twin-bed cabins are equipped with A/C, and an en-suite bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. There are 8 twin-bed cabins on Cassiopeia. Two are located on the main deck and 6 on the lower deck.

Queen-bed cabin

Queen size bed on Andromeda in Sudan An optimal choice for couples who do not only enjoy diving, but also each other's company. All double-bed cabins have A/C, and an en-suite bathroom with sink, shower and toilet. Two cabins are located on the main deck, toward the bow of the boat, and two on the lower deck.

Dining room

Restaurant on Andromeda in Sudan We have our buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the air-conditioned dining room, at tables set for 5-6 persons. When assembling our menu, we do our best to think of guests who are fond of meats, those who love fish, and of vegetarians as well.


Saloon on Andromeda in Sudan The spacious lounge area is air-conditioned and comfortably furnished. It is well equipped with an LCD TV, DVD and CD player, and media box. A USB port allows to connect media devices as well.

Front deck

Restaurant on Andromeda in Sudan The best seat in the house! Right in front of the bridge, the captain’s domain. Enjoy an unobstructed view onto sea, let the wind blow your worries away with your favourite cup of tea.

Sun deck

Over 100 square meter sundeck on Andromeda in Sudan The comfortable 100m2 sun deck provides plenty of space for sun seekers, as well as a shaded area. Comfortable deck chairs and cushioned seats make time spent up here more pleasant.
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Famous dive sites of Sudan

Marsa shagra tengerpart

Anyone who has ever dived in Sudan, never left disappointed. This is an awesome dive spot in the lesser known areas of the Red Sea. The marine life beneath the Sudanese Red Sea blows away even the most travelled and experienced divers! These waters amaze even hammerhead, reef shark, barracuda, and wreck lovers. The magnificent and untouched coral reefs also include the world famous Shaab Rumi where Cousteau conducted his experiments on how man could live under the water. And don't forget, Sudan is ultimately famous for its sharks.

Wreck of Umbria

Umbria wreck in Sudan reached by Andromeda Since Port Sudan used to be one of the most important ports in the world, there are numerous exciting wrecks waiting to be discovered. One of them is Umbria, a large Italian vessel that lies on the sea bottom about 1½km from Port Sudan. She lies at 25m at about a 45-degree angle and in low tide the tips of her two masts even peek out of the water for an easy dive. About 18 tons of ammunition and explosives lie still in her cargo holdings along with half a million of Maria Teresa coins. Originally she was on her way to Eritrea with her cargo but she happened to set anchor in Sudan when Italy declared war on the country. So the Sudanese occupied the boat and they were about to order the Italians off Umbria when they got the news that she was sinking.

Shaab Rumi

Shaab-Rumi Cousteau's famous underwater laboratory This reef lies 48km from Port Sudan and surrounds a gorgeous lagoon which can be accessed through a narrow strait having been blasted by Cousteau himself. Outside of the lagoon, just 100m from its entrance is where in 1963, Cousteau built Precontinent II, his futuristic world. Here he conducted his underwater experiments and today the site provides an insight into the lives of those who had lived under the water in futuristic looking buildings and conducted research on marine life. The cages used for shark feedings still lie where they used to in Cousteau’s time. Sharks still come here as they did decades ago.

Sanganeb Atoll

Sanganeb is one of the best dive site in Sudan by Andromeda Sanganeb Atoll is the only atoll in the Red Sea. An atoll sometimes called a coral atoll, is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. Sanganeb Atoll was the first marine national park to be gazetted in Sudan in 1990. The only atoll in the Red Sea, Sanganeb has one of the most unique reef structures in the whole Red Sea whose steep slopes rise from a sea floor more than 800m deep. Sangeneb is renowned among divers as one of the best diving spots in the world. The park is known for its richness of marine life and breathtaking underwater vistas, hosting at least 300 fish species including numerous endemic and rare species of sharks, dolphins, marine turtles, and a good representation of other invertebrates such as molluscs.
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North Trip

North trip in Sudan by Andromeda This special route is offered by only a handful of liveaboards, so it is a favourite among divers who prefer to dive away from the crowds. This peaceful “neighbourhood” is also home to most of the sharks in these parts. This itinerary covers a large area and includes excellent dive sites all the way as far north as Angarosh or Abington. Hundreds of barracuda swarm amongst the brilliant cherry- and purple-coloured gorgonians (sea whip corals) alongside of a colourful array of fish, and of course, hammerheads. One of the sites on this route is Umbria, the wreck of an Italian cargo ship that lies at 25 metres on the sea floor, still laden with close to 18 tons of ammunition and explosives. She is home to schools of barracuda, spiny fish species, butterflyfish, and myriads of red tropical coral fish.

Possible dive sites: Gurna, Angarosh, Merlo Reef, Shambaia, Gotta el Bana, Shaab Rumi, Shaab Rumi south plateau, Sanganeb, wreck of Umbria

South Trip

South trip in Sudan by Andromeda This itinerary is for advanced divers who are up for a challenge. We visit the best of the southern sites, promising an unforgettable experience. Most islands and reefs are actually peaks of deep underwater structures that provide a perfect location for various species of sharks, tuna, and barracuda. Shaab Jibna, Shaab Ambar, Keary Reef and Protector Reef entice with spectacular dives. Shaab Jibna (sometimes spelled Jumna) is a quaint dive site with caves and reef walls where fish dart through the crevices with hammerhead sharks cruising nearby.

Possible dive sites: Shaab Jibna, Shaab Ambar, Pinnacle, Keary Reef, Logan Reef, Pender Reef, Protector, Preserver Reef, Burkut Island, Hidi Gidir, wreck of Umbria

Ultimate Trip

Ultimate trip in Sudan by Andromeda This itinerary is the exciting combination of dive sites from the northern and southern parts. This is the perfect route for those who have not dived in Sudan before because they can sample the best of both regions. Sanganeb, Sudan’s first national park, boasts an abundant marine life that includes over 120 coral species. Shaab Jibna (sometimes spelled Jumna) is a quaint dive site with caves and reef walls where fish dart through the crevices with hammerhead sharks cruising nearby. Cousteau conducted his underwater experiments at Shaab Rumi which is a shallow reef with steep walls. Shaab Rumi is especially famous for its various shark species, and this is the best place to meet up with hammerhead sharks during the spring season. The wreck of Umbria is protected by Wingate Reef. The Italian cargo ship is over 150m long and she is still harbouring her military cargo (bombs, ammunition, detonators) from WWII.

Possible dive sites: Sanganeb, Shaab Jibna, Shaab Ambar, Shaab Rumi, Shaab Rumi south plateau, wreck of Umbria

Deep South Trip

DeepSouth diving safari for the discoveres in Sudan by Andromeda We recommend this route to divers who have been to Sudan before and would like to see even more of her, as well as to those advanced and experienced divers who would like to be part of a true adventure. During this very unique tour we sail southward all the way to Dahrait Abid, close to the Eritrean border, and we visit sites like Masamirit, Barra Mussa, the reefs of Keary, Pender, Logan and Protector, Shaab Ambar, and Umbria, among the many. The pristine waters and the mostly undiscovered sites hide a wondrous marine life and astounding shark sightings. Only a couple of liveaboards dare to attempt to sail this route, making this a truly one-of-a-kind diving trip. We only recommend it to advanced divers.

Possible dive sites: Shaab Jibna, Shaab Ambar, Keary Reef, Logan Reef, Protector Reef, Preserver Reef, Barra Musa Saghir, Karam Masamirit, Ghab Abi Island, Dahrat Qab Island, Qab Miyum, Dahrat Abid, Dahrat Ed Dak Hilat, Ed Domesh Shesh Island, Shaab Loka, Barra Musa Kebir, Shaab Tawil, Nakhalat Pinnacle, Pender Reef, wreck of Umbria
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Need to know about diving in Sudan

Sudan is famous for its sharks

Scuba diving in Sudan is one of the most beautiful and adventurous in the world. Dive sites in the Sudanese waters are untouched and can be reached only by zodiacs. The pristine sea hides some of the most amazing coral formations and underwater life in the world. Hundreds of metres deep drop-offs, the wildest variety of marine life make diving so exhilarating here. Sharks are a definite drawing force for scuba divers.

Silky shark

Silky shark in Sudan by Andromeda The silky shark can be found in all tropical and warm-climate waters around the world. If you want to meet up with them in the Red Sea, head down to Sudan, and to the southern region of the Red Sea. It is very inquisitive and it often approaches visitors. It grows in length to about 2.5 m but it can be as large as 3.5 m as well. The heaviest specimen every caught weighed 346 kg. It has a robust, long body which ends in a rounded nose. This shark got its name from the smooth and silky texture of its skin. It prefers the open waters and depths of up to 500 m but it can swim as deep as 4,000 m. The life expectancy of a silky shark is about 25 years.

Grey reef shark

Grey reef shark in Sudan by Andromeda Tropical waters are the usual home for this shark but you may very well run into it in the Red Sea as well, especially around Sanganeb and Shaab Rumi in Sudan. Its habitat is close to the coral reefs, and this is where it hunts for its prey. It tends to live near the drop-offs of outer-edge reefs and prefers moderately deep waters, usually between 20 – 60 m, though they have been found as deep as 1,000 m too. In the west it can be found between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean’s East African shores, and in the east all the way to Polynesia. It must remain in constant motion. If it stops moving, it sinks and dies. When taking a breather, they float and relax in currents.

S. hammerhead shark

Scalloped hammerhead shark in Sudan by Andromeda This shark’s unique feature is it hammer-shaped head. The width of the head, depending on the species, is about 20 – 30% of the animal’s entire length. The eyes are placed at the far ends of the head, and provide a 360-degree vision and excellent depth perception. A transparent membrane or eyelid protects the eyes during hunting and feeding. It usually cruises in deeper waters and in large schools, often counting up to 100 individuals. Its main food supplies are smaller sharks (even small hammerheads at times), manta rays, bony fish, and cephalopods. Females give birth to live young ones, and fertilisation happens internally. There are usually 15 – 30 pups in one litter, and the little scalloped hammerhead sharks can be as long as 43 – 55 cm.

Oceanic white-tip shark

Oceanic white-tip shark in Sudan by Andromeda It is a good friend of divers. It is not aggressive at all and tends to approach divers up close. It prefers the open waters and can be seen at Elphinstone, Daedalus, the Brothers in Egypt, and by the southern reefs in the Red Sea. It is about 1.5 m long, or even larger than 2 m, and weighs close to 20 kg. The white-tip shark can be easily identified by its white-tipped round fins.

Tiger shark

Tiger shark in Sudan by Andromeda The tiger shark grows to a length of about 3 – 6 m but can be as large as 9 m. It weighs around 1 tonne. It is a solitary and nomadic animal, spending most of its life roaming from place to place. It is quite inquisitive and as such, it likes to “taste” everything, just like the great white. Its massive built and the unique patterns on its skin make it easy to identify. It is considered to be the second most dangerous animal to humans after the great white. In Egypt, it can be found cruising near Safaga and Elphinstone.

White-tip reef shark

White-tip reef shark in Sudan by Andromeda It is one of the most often sighted sharks by divers. You can meet up with them pretty much at any coral reef. It rests in the caves and larger crevices near the reefs during the day, often in groups. It comes out of hiding during the night to go on a hunt for reef fish, octopus, crayfish, and crabs hiding among the corals. The white-tip reef shark often hunts in large groups. It sniffs out its prey, approaches it, and if necessary, breaks away the corals to get to it. It got its name from the white spots on the edges of its fins.

Schedule 2023

Date Itinerary Price Availabilities
18/03/2023 - 25/03/2023 Ultimate E-mail FULL
25/03/2023 - 01/04/2023 North E-mail 4 free places
01/04/2023 - 08/04/2023 Ultimate Special promotion 10+ free places
08/04/2023 - 22/04/2023 Deep South 2 weeks E-mail 2 free places
22/04/2023 - 29/04/2023 Ultimate E-mail FULL
29/04/2023 - 13/05/2023 Deep South 2 weeks E-mail FULL
13/05/2023 - 20/05/2023 North/Ultimate E-mail FULL

Price list

1. Boat rate
2. Fuel surcharge: 150 EUR/person/week
3. Sudanese taxes
4. Marine park fee: 30 USD/trip
5. Sudanese visa fee
Itineraries Retail boat price
(per person in EUR)
all the way to Abington, including Umbria, Shaab Rumi, Precontinent II,
Sanganeb, Shaab Suedi, Gota el Bana, Angarosh, Abington
including Umbria, Shaab Rumi, Precontinent II, Shaab Ambar, Sanganeb,
Pinnacle Reef, Keary Reef, Jibna Reef
Deep South
including, Jibna Reef, Dahrat Qab, Darraka, Karam Masamirit, Loka
Island, Miyum, Shaab Ambar, Dahrat Abid
2 weeks Deep South
including Umbria, Bara Musa, Dahrat Abid, Dahrat Qab, Karam Masamirit,
Shaab Ambar, Sanganeb, Shaab Tawil, Shaab Jibna, Shaab Loka, Miyum,
Pinnacle Reef, Protector Reef, Keary Reef, Ed Domesh Shesh Island
Boat rates include Addiotional and/or optional expenses
  • 7/14 nights full-board accommodations onboard in double cabins
  • Buffet-style meals 3 times a day, fruits, and snacks
  • Unlimited drinks (mineral water, tea, coffee, soft drinks)
  • English-speaking dive guide services
  • Diving: 2-3 day dives a day + 1 night dive
  • Boat permissions
  • One 12l aluminum tank / person (DIN connection recommended), weights
  • Bed linens and towel use
  • Free WiFi where coverage is available
  • Airplane tickets, hotel stays, extra transfers
  • Visas and airport/tourism/government taxes/marine park fees
  • Single-cabin surcharge: 75% of the individual boat rate (subject to availability)
  • Upper-cabin surcharge: EUR80/person/week (subject to availability)
  • Аlcoholic beverages (limited supply)
  • Equipment rental (not available)
  • 15l steel tank rental: EUR55/tank/week or EUR40/tank/week prepaid (upon request)
  • Nitrox: EUR90/week/person or EUR70/week/person prepaid
  • Satellite phone use: EUR5/minute
  • Personal expenses
  • Lost towel fee: EUR10/towel, lost weight fee
  • Crew service fee ( min. EUR10/day/guest is recommended)
  • Travel and diving insurance
  • All other expenses not mentioned above
As per present Sudanese Government Regulations and are subject to change
Length of stay Sudanese taxes and fees (EUR) Sudanese taxes and fees include
1 week 215
  • Tourism fee
  • Sudanese agent fee
  • Port Sudan airport assistance
  • Transfers between airport and boat
1+1 weeks 280
2 non-stop weeks 306

*Taxes and fees, and marine park fees are payable in full in advance on the invoices.
*Visa fees are payable in full in cash (exact amount) onboard upon arrival if you order from us.

Liveaboard trip is fun

Wow for the safari trip in Sudan on Andromeda
Enjoying the waves on Andromeda in Sudan
Inside the zodiac of Andromeda in Sudan
Guest by zodiac of Andromeda
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Between two dives on Andromeda in Sudan
marsa shagra turtle2
Between two dives on Andromeda in Sudan
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